Haarbocht Lounge

The Haarbocht Lounge has perhaps the best view of the entire track. From this VIP Deck on top of the new Haarbocht Stand, configured specially for you, you won’t miss a single thing! As the riders open their throttles to the max you have a breath-taking view of the first bend of the TT Circuit Assen. You will see the riders arrive from the Start/Finish at top speed and you will be able to watch them through the entire North Loop. The Haarbocht Lounge gives your guests a unique motorised experience from a great height!

The Haarbocht Lounge floats above the Haarbocht Stand at a height of 15 metres and can be accessed via a special glass elevator. You will be staying in a comfortable lounge with private catering and bar (included). And you will have your own personal seat directly below the Haarbocht Lounge! With your VIP pass you can move freely between the Haarbocht Lounge and your seat on the stand.

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