VIP Room

The track features a total of 34 VIP Rooms. All the VIP Rooms are located in the hospitality complex of the track and have a view of the famous Geert Timmer bend, the bend in which many races are decided. As a VIP Room holder you will receive at least 40 entry tickets for your business relations for each public event (approximately 15 per calendar year). In addition, you can use the VIP Room throughout the year for occasions such as meetings, presentations, product launches or other gatherings.

The basic dimensions of a VIP Room are 12 x 6 m and the room can be laid out completely according to your preferences. In addition to the basic VIP Rooms there are also a number of bigger VIP Rooms (Founders Lounges), measuring 12 x 12 m. Every VIP Room comes with a permanent parking space close to your location. During our top events you and your guests can use a special VIP route that will take you to the race track without the hassle of traffic jams. You and your guests can park in the VIP Parking on the TT Tunnelweg.

If you are interested in a VIP Room or would like more information please contact us on