TT Circuit Assen Privacy Statement.

TT Circuit Assen is the trade name of Circuit van Drenthe B.V. and Circuit van Drenthe Evenementen B.V. and forms part of the Circuit van Drenthe foundation.

TT Circuit Assen respects the privacy of all visitors to the website and its customers and ensures that personal details are treated confidentially.

Privacy protection is important when processing personal details and we pay special attention to this. Personal details are processed according to the legal provisions such as the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. The personal details are saved on secure servers. Any agreements with other parties are only entered into if they can confirm that they will observe the legal provisions.

  1. Purpose of processing personal details

TT Circuit Assen collects consumer data so that the tickets sold by TT Circuit Assen can be sent but also to inform its customers or have them notified of any changes with regard to tickets and events.

TT Circuit Assen also collects details for entering into, maintaining and improving the contractual relationship with its (potential) consumers or for improving products and services.

TT Circuit Assen uses the details to obtain management information, for development of products and services, determining the (general) strategy or other activities to support the business operations.

Finally, TT Circuit Assen uses the data to apply and implement statutory obligations.

By entering into an agreement with TT Circuit Assen the customer gives TT Circuit Assen consent to process the personal details, as described above.

III. E-mail

When placing an order via the website the customer himself will enter his details on a special electronic form. Apart from this, there is the opportunity to register for other services, such as receiving newsletters or e-mail alerts.

  1. Data retention

TT Circuit Assen will not retain data any longer than is strictly necessary. This does not apply to customers who have indicated that they wish to receive advertisements via e-mail. The details of these customers will be retained until they de-register themselves. The details will subsequently exclusively be used for statistical purposes.

  1. Security

TT Circuit Assen has taken technical and organisational security measures to protect the details in its possession against unintentional or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction and/or against inspection by unauthorised people.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are small text files containing certain details which are saved by the browser on the hard disk of your own computer. Cookies enable easier surfing because websites previously visited already ‘know’ the computer. That is why it is not necessary to re-enter certain details with each new visit. Almost all leading websites use cookies in order to optimise internet traffic. TT Circuit Assen uses cookies in order to be able to recognise every customer with every new visit to the website. Cookies enable our organisation to collect information about the use of our services and to improve and adjust them. Cookies give information with regard to personal identification. Every browser can be set so that cookies are refused or that a warning appears when cookies are sent.

VII. Social plug-ins

The webshop of TT Circuit Assen contains social plug-ins for the social network. The operator of that network is Facebook Inc, 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (further: ‘Facebook’). When a user approaches a page of a webshop with a social plug-in (also called a ‘Like’ button), the browser of the user connects with the servers of Facebook to download data necessary for the social plug-in(s). Facebook then receives information about the web address of the webshop visited by the user, the date and time of the visit and the IP address of the user. When the user has been logged on to Facebook, Facebook will then be able to link the visit of the user to that page of the webshop with the Facebook page of the user. If the user clicks on the ‘Like’ button represented on a page of the webshop, this information will also be sent to Facebook and saved there. If the user does not want this information to be sent to Facebook, he or she has to log out of Facebook before the visit to the webshop. If the user of the webshop is not a member of Facebook, there is a possibility that Facebook saves the IP address of the user. TT Circuit Assen has no influence on the content of the plug-ins or on the information sent to Facebook. The aim and scope of the data collection, the further processing and the use of the data by Facebook and the rights of the user and other options to protect the privacy of the user can be found in the privacy policy of Facebook via the following link: .

VIII. Objection

A customer can lodge a written notice of objection to TT Circuit Assen against the processing of personal data for Direct Marketing purposes or other commercial purposes. At the first request of a customer, TT Circuit Assen will immediately and free of charge terminate this processing of personal data (including any processing by third parties) or have it terminated.

  1. Amendments

The regulations with regard to Privacy & Security can be adjusted. The adjusted regulations will be effective from the date of publication on the website of TT Circuit Assen.

  1. Contact

If you have any questions with regard to Privacy & Security, please don’t hesitate to contact TT Circuit Assen.

Most recent update: 31.03.2016