Interesting trivia

If you are interested in titbits of information about the TT Circuit Assen you will find a wealth of interesting background information below.

Did you know that:

  • The letters ‘TT’ stand for ‘Tourist Trophy’ and are derived from the famous TT Races at the Isle of Man
  • The first TT was organised on 11 July 1925 at a 28.4 km race track formed by the triangle of roads between Rolde (start/finish), Borger and Schoonloo.
  • The first winner of the TT races in 1925 was Piet van Wijngaarden with an average speed of 91.4 km per hour.
  • The TT became an international event in 1927.
  • The TT Circuit is the only race track in the world where World Championships have been held annually since the establishment of the official World Championships in 1949.
  • In 2015 the 85th edition of the TT was held.
  • Starting in 2016 the TT race day has been moved from the last Saturday in June to the last Sunday in June.
  • After a number of changes over the years, the length of the current Grand Prix track is now 4,542 m.
  • The TT Circuit didn’t get its permanent status until 1992. Until then, part of the track consisted of public roads.
  • The TT, including the training days, attracts an average of 130,000 visitors.
  • The TT Circuit has 9 stands with a capacity in excess of 53,000 seats that are all sold by seat number during the TT.
  • The capacity of the number of standing-only places is approx. 47,000.
  • During the TT 13 Big Screen Vidi Walls are positioned alongside the track on which the race can be watched Live.
  • Approximately 60 ha of the area is available as parking facilities for visitors.
  • The track offers parking to approx. 23,000 cars and 25,000 motorbikes.
  • From 2016 the TT Circuit has covered parking for approx. 12,000 motorbikes by means of a roof fitted with solar panels.



  • The grounds of the TT Circuit cover an area of approx. 130 ha.
  • The paddock has a surface area of 60,000 square metres and is fully paved.
  • There are 34 pit boxes, measuring 6 x 12 metres, and just over 4 metres high, available to the riders and their teams.
  • The track has a CCTV system with 30 cameras for the safety of the riders.
  • The images from this CCTV system are projected exclusively on a video wall in Race Control.
  • 22 track posts ensure the safety of the riders along the track.
  • For business customers the TT Circuit has 34 VIP Rooms and a Business Club.
  • There are two restaurants at the TT Circuit.


Behind the scenes

During events a large number of volunteers are involved to help everything run smoothly. At the TT this number reaches its peak:

  • 400 employees (track officials, pit stewards, cameramen, salvage crews, firefighters etc.) organise everything to do with the race;
  • 200 employees (doctors, nurses, first aiders etc.) provide medical support for participants and the public;
  • 400 employees provide assistance and support for the public;
  • 400 employees provide catering for the audience, guests and staff.
  • 300 journalists work from the Media Centre to tell the world about the progress of the race.
  • 200 employees provide radio and TV broadcasts from the track.